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Public Speaking

Sample Topics

Nicole has given talks around the world about how to support survivors, lessen the impact of

trauma, and contribute to the end of gender-based violence.

Topics Include...

Defining Sexual Violence and Institutional Betrayal

Defining Social Responses to Violence - How Do We Really React?

How to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault

Intersectionality & Sexual Violence

Impacts of Sexual Violence Across the Life Course

LGBTQ+ Survivors and Inclusive Anti-Violence Programming

Male Supremacism and Pro-Violence Ideologies

Parenting and Sexual Violence Prevention

Perpetration and the Social Incentives to Cause Harm

Structural Barriers to Ending Sexual Violence in Schools and Workplaces

Structural Interventions to Prevent Sexual Violence

Survivor Activism

Title IX

Trauma-Informed Research Methodology

Trauma-Informed Teaching Techniques

Understanding the Legal Landscape of Sexual Violence in the US


Dr. Bedera is eager to work with your organization to create a custom workshop

that will fit the specific needs of your community.

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