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Academic Articles


Settling for Less: How Organizations Shape Survivors' Legal Ideologies Around Sexual Assault


I Can Protect His Future, But She Can't Be Helped: Himpathy and Hysteria in Administrator Rationalizations of Institutional Betrayal

Journal of Higher Education, 2023

The Illusion of Choice: Organizational Dependency and the Neutralization of University Sexual Assault Complaints

Law & Policy, 2022

"I Could Never Tell My Parents": Barriers in Queer Women's Sexual Assault Disclosure to Family Members

Violence Against Women, 2022

Beyond Trigger Warnings: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Teaching on Sexual Violence and Avoiding Institutional Betrayal

Teaching Sociology, 2021

Severe and Pervasive? Centering Survivors' Experiences in Determining the Impact of Sexual Harassment

Feminist Criminology, 2021

Moaning and Eye Contact: Men's Use of Ambiguous Signals in Attributions of Consent to their Sexual Partners

Violence Against Women, 2021

An Inherently Masculine Practice: Understanding the Sexual Victimization of Queer Women

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2021

The Selective Shield of Due Process: An Analysis of the U.S. Department of Education's 2020 Title IX Regulations on Live Cross-Examination

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 2020

"Call for Help Immediately": A Discourse Analysis of Resident Assistants' Responses to Sexual Assault Disclosures"

Violence Against Women, 2020

"Never Go Out Alone": An Analysis of College Rape Prevention Tips

Sexuality & Culture, 2015

Public Writing

Why Are So Many Survivors Supporting Johnny Depp?

Harper's Bazaar, May 2022

The Fight to Refocus Title IX on Survivors

Women's Media Center, March 2021

A New Title IX Rule Essentially Allows Accused Sexual Assailants to Hide Evidence Against Them

Time, August 2020

Trump's New Rule Governing Sexual Assault is Nearly Impossible to Use. That's the Point.

Time, May 2020

What to Say to Your Daughter About Campus Sexual Assault

Slate, March 2020

a sociological take on the kavanaugh hearing

scatterplot, September 2018

Supporting Queer Survivors on Campus

Inside Higher Ed, December 2017

Who Gets to Define Campus Rape?

New York Times, September 2017

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